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Let's talk about Stamping Tools

Sheet Metal Stamping Tools Transfer Tools Prograsive tools

  • 1 saa
  • Meeting
  • IMES SAN ST C BLOK 304 SK No10

Hizmet Açıklaması

CPL ( Cavity Prodcution Lines) Home appliances Oven Cavity Production lines Full-Auto/ Semi-Auto / Manual Lines keyturn projects. DPL (Fridge Door Production Line) Refrigrator Door production Line key turn project PPL ( Fridge Panel Production Line) Refrigrator Panel Production Line Key turn Projects CFPL ( Chest Frezer Production Line) Chest Freezer Side Panel, Front Back Panel, Cover Production Key turn Projects

Kişi Bilgileri

  • IMES SAN ST C BLOK 304 SK No10, Istanbul, 34776


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